Thank you for choosing Best Video Studio. We kindly ask you to send us your original records so we could begin. You can ship your package to following address:

      Best Video Studio
      2678 Ocean Ave
      Suite 2G
      Brooklyn, NY 11229

If you are located in Tri-State area please feel free to contact us and we may come to pick up your order.

A $15 flat shipping fee will be added to your order to cover the cost of returning your originals.

If you're not bothered about getting your originals back, please let us know and there will obviously be no return shipping to pay. Best Video Studio will keep your originals and copies of all your digital files until you have received your DVD and are completely satisfied. Only then, and only with your permission, will we securely delete the copies of your files and safely dispose of your originals.

We would recommend using a shipping service that provides a tracking number for your package. UPS of Fedex would be fine. You can also use USPS, but please make sure to choose a delivery method that supports tracking.

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