Video Tape to data DVD
Video Tape to data DVD

The Best way to convert and preserve your video tape for future  Video Editing and online sharing.

All video from your VHSVHS-CminiDVVideo8, HI8, and Digital8 tapes will be carefully converted into digital format. The professional equipment we use automatically reduces noise and image flicker. Your converted digital files are burned (recorded) onto a DVD disk in unprotected MP4 format so you are free to copy them to your computer hard drive or upload them to online sharing services such as YouTube, Facebook, or any others for that matter. The video files on the DVD disk cannot be deleted by mistake! However, they can be copied easily from the DVD to your computer by simply copying and pasting (or dragging and dropping) from the disk to the destination file of your choice.
If you are thinking of editing your video files in the future you may require a specific format. We can convert your video into any format you like, and if you're not sure which format you need we'd be happy to advise you. We also strongly recommend using a portable hard drive to preserve maximum detail. If you have one you can send it to Best Video Studio along with the tapes you want converting, if not, you can buy one directly from us and we'll transfer your newly-converted files onto it and ship it to you.  Please send us an email for further details and a quote.

There is no difference in the price for converting VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Video 8, HI8, or Digital 8 tape in either NTSC or PAL standard.

Best Video Studio is dedicated to providing the lowest prices on video tape conversion. What's more, if you do find a lower price on the net, send us the link and we'll match it with a 10% discount!

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