How It Works

Step One: : Pack and ship all your originals to Best Video Studio. At this point you should not worry if you are not remember if anything has been recorded on your tapes. You will not be charged for empty tapes. Please feel out and attached shipping list from here. You can find out more about shipping here

Step Two: Best Video Studio will notify you right after your tapes will be received and conversion will start. You will only be charged for tapes that have recorded video. For example, if you send us two tapes and only one has recorded video, you will only be charged for that tape.

Step Three: At this point you should know exactly what tapes will be converted and amount you need to pay. You can make a payment by credit card through Best Video Studio website or over a phone or send us a check. Please include $15 for shipping and handling per order. Best Video Studio is committed to customer privacy and never shares your personal information with anyone else. Furthermore, Best Video Studio employees have no access to your credit card information. Credit card data is securely transferred to authorize.net's processing center and is never stored on our servers. Authorize.net is the most trusted name in credit card processing and handles more than 90% of all US credit card transactions.

Step Four: AAll video from your VHS, VHS-C, miniDV, Video8, HI8, and Digital8 tapes will be carefully converted into digital format. The professional equipment we use automatically reduces noise and image flicker. Once converted, your Digital files will be available for you to download or will be recorded on media.

Step Five: Your order will be shipped or available for your secured download. Best Video Studio will keep copies of all your digital files until you have received your DVD and are completely satisfied.  

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